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Pomegranates Abundant Joy Necklace

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Experience the enchantment of our Pomegranates Abundant Joy Necklace. Infused with the vibrant allure of the pomegranate and adorned with delicate bells, each note becomes a tender reminder of the joy bestowed upon our souls by life's blessings. Wear this exquisite piece and carry the harmonious blend of elegance and joy close to your heart.

  • Made with vintage embroidery hand-stitched by skilled Miao women
  • Type of needlework: Inlay Style
  • Each stitch holds heartfelt blessings; explore the deeper meanings within the patterns
  • Hand-crafted by Miao Silversmiths using traditional tools
  • Each piece is unique with only one available. Once it is sold, it'll be out of stock
  • Pendant size: 3.5''(L) x 1.6'(W)
  • Necklace length: 16''
  • Material: Silver-plated bronze pendant with SS 925 chain. The surface has been intentionally darkened to create a vintage look

Customer Reviews

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Zakimy Correa
LOVE IT! Highly recommend.

I love my embroidtale pieces! Each one is so unique and versatile. The workmanship is excellent. And the embroidery is so feminine and delicate. I’m very happy with my purchase. It arrived in a lovely box. Perfect for gifting too!

Museum of Ethnic Cultures

Resouces: Resouces: Museum of Ethnic Cultures Minzu University of China

Museum of Ethnic Cultures

Resouces: Museum of Ethnic Cultures Minzu University of China

Where Embroidery Meets Jewelry

About Embroidtale

The name Embriodtale is the fusion of “embroidery” and “tale”. It is rooted in preserving and sharing the enchanting art of Miao Embroidery. Each of its jewelry pieces is meticulously crafted, featuring vintage embroidery with a one-of-a-kind design.

Embroidtale offers more than just jewelry. It gracefully conveys the radiant blessings woven into each embroidered masterpiece and encourages you to weave your own narrative of positivity, resilience and gratitude, and share it with those in need.