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Embrace Your Blessings

A Tale to Wear

Live Life in Full Color

Unique Ethnic Jewelry

🦋Crafted for your uniqueness🦋

Discover the charm of unique vintage hand-embroidered jewelry, where each stitch weaves a tale of blessing

Introducing Collectible Art, Miao Embroidery

Introducing collectible art

Miao Embroidery

Our jewelry's centerpiece is vintage Miao embroidery, a rare and cherished collectible with a rich history.

As younger Miao women pursued alternative careers, the availability of these vintage pieces dwindled.

We sincerely invite you to experience the essence of vintage Miao embroidery and grab your piece while collections last.

May Miao blessings be your precious gems

Butterfly Mother collection

Meet Our Brand Mascot

Butterfly Mother

Butterfly Mother is an ancestral figure of Miao people. We chose her as our brand mascot, believing she can guide us to uncover our inner strength, cherish blessings, find sweet contentment, and nurture resilience through her gentle teachings and timeless wisdom.



Meet the Hands behind Artistry, the Miao Women

Meet the hands behind artistry


Skilled Miao women infuse their passion into crafting each piece of vintage embroidery jewelry. This isn't just jewelry; it's a labor of love and a precious piece of their heritage that they've entrusted to you.

Museum of Ethnic Cultures

Resouces: Museum of Ethnic Cultures Minzu University of China

Where Embroidery Meets Jewelry

About Embroidtale

The name Embriodtale is the fusion of “embroidery” and “tale”. It is rooted in preserving and sharing the enchanting art of Miao Embroidery. Each of its jewelry pieces is meticulously crafted, featuring vintage embroidery with a one-of-a-kind design.

Embroidtale offers more than just jewelry. It gracefully conveys the radiant blessings woven into each embroidered masterpiece by the strong Miao women and encourages you to weave your own narrative of positivity, resilience and gratitude, and share it with those in need.