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About Our Brand

Brand image of Embroidtale, a brand that offers ethnic Miao embroidery jewelries, where each piece carries a tale of blessings

Unveiling the Charmed Threads of Stories and Blessings

In the heart of our brand, a tale unfolds - a narrative woven by the heads of ancient Miao women, whispered through vibrant threads and colors. Embroidtale was born from a fervent desire to preserve and  share the enchanting art of Miao embroidery, infusing it into the very fabric of modern life.

Uniqueness breathes life into each stitch 

Every vintage embroidery piece incorporated into our jewelry is a one-of-a-kind creation, distinct and unlike any other. While certain pieces may share similar color schemes and designs, each is inherently unique. When you choose one of our jewelry pieces, you embrace the inherent exclusivity that accompanies it.

Celebrate the Imperfections

Embroidtale's brand narrative is rooted in the appreciation of the distinctive imperfections found in our jewelry pieces. They are carefully crafted by the Miao silversmiths within humble village workshops using traditional tools. This sets Embroidtale apart from the world of mass-produced jewelry, highlighting its commitment to genuineness and craftsmanship.


The name "Embroidtale" encapsulates the essence of our brand—a fusion of "embroidery" and "tale"

Miao embroidery, a hidden treasure once used to narrate the rich tapestry of history and legends, now emerges as an art form that bridges the past and the present. These pieces were birthed with devotion by Miao women. They carry with them a lineage of beautiful blessings whether it's the whisper of hope, the embrace of strength, or the promise of ample fortune.

In a world where mental well-being is a treasure we all seek, Embroidtale offers more than just jewelry. It gracefully conveys the radiant blessings woven into every embroidered masterpiece by the skilled hands of Miao women. And it also invites you to create your tale of blessings that are filled with positivity, resilience, and a grateful heart, and pass it along to those who are in need.

As the needle dances, so does your spirit, crafting not only jewelry but also a state of mind - blessed, content, and resilient.