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Our Brand Mascot - Butterfly Mother of Miao


Who is Butterfly Mother?

Once upon a time in a world of endless peace, there stood a magnificent and ageless maple tree. From its heart, a breathtaking butterfly emerged, and as she fluttered over a lake, she fell in love with the glistening water bubbles and laid a dozen eggs upon them. The wise maple tree, sensing destiny's call, transformed into a grand bird to aid the butterfly in hatching her eggs. What hatched from those eggs were a thunder god, a dragon, a tiger, a snake, an elephant, an ox, a boy and a girl, who would go on to become the ancestors of the Miao people. Thus, Butterfly, born from the immortal maple, became the mother of gods, animals, and humanity, weaving a timeless tale of love and creation beneath the ancient tree's branches.

What does Butterfly Mother represent?

Butterfly Mother holds significant cultural and spiritual symbolism. 

  • Creation and Fertility
  • Transformation and Renewal
  • Protection and Blessing. She is openly seen as a protector and a source of blessings for the Miao people. She is believed to watch over them, provide guidance, and offer protection from harm.                                   

Why do we choose Butterfly Mother as our Brand Mascot? 

From the core of our hearts, we chose Butterfly Mother as our brand mascot, believing she can guide us to uncover inner strength, cherish blessings, find sweet contentment, and nurture resilience through her gentle teachings and timeless wisdom.

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